Charged on my card, but nothing in my account!

Charged on my card, but nothing in my account!


I just noticed that I've been paying for a couple of months now, but my account says I'm having the free version still on!


I did everything in the FAQ, log out / in, reset password, etc...


Really frustrating that they don't have a client customer service!

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Hey @bruphilo2016, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Can you double-check that you're logging in with the same username as written in the payment receipt emails you should be receiving? It is possible that you are logging into the incorrect account.

Let me know, I should be able to help 🙂

hum, I don't receive an e-mail receipt!




Hmm, that's not good! Just to confirm, your card has charges from a couple of months (not just one payment)?

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