Charged three times. No Premium


Charged three times. No Premium


So I tried to sign up for student premium account, but was not eligiable. I got charged $4.99 three times in one day and my account still isn't premium either. I emailed them and they just told me to post my problem here. How do I get in contact with someone to get a refund of everything I was charged for?

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Re: Charged three times. No Premium


Hey @anitax, welcome to the community!


That's no cool, but don't worry for that. There are some reasons for that happen:

  • First of all, you must check your account status from here:
  • If you're a Free user and got multiple charges, they should be pending charges, that usually disappear in a day or so.
  • If you're Premium user, it is possible that you may have subscribed more than once by clicking the premium button quickly in rapid succession. In that case your other payments will be used to pay the following months, you can check it by seeing on your subscription page: that your next billing date would be in more than one month.



Let me know how it goes!

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