Cobro doble


Cobro doble

Tenia Spotify premium estándar, hoy 13/12/2018 me pase al plan familiar, me cobraron y debitaron de mi tarjeta, según los términos por pasarme de plan me adelantarian el cobro pero tras ver mi próxima fecha de facturación observo que dice 13/01/2019, es decir me van a volver a cobrar mi suscripción, ya para inicios de este mes de diciembre me cobraron el plan estándar que cubre este mes, hoy me cobraron adelantado lo que se supone es el mes de enero por cambiarme de plan y en enero me van a volver a cobrar por el plan familiar, es decir pagaré dos veces por el mes de enero.
Quedo atento.

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Hey @MateoVelasquez, help's here.


We hope you don't mind us replying in English. It sounds like you had a regular Premium before, and after upgrading to Premium for Family, you were charged for it immediately. 


What's supposed to happen is that your next payment date will be postponed - you shouldn't get charged for Premium for Family immediately. If you're certain that there are two charges close to each other during December, it's possible that you've upgraded a second account to Premium for Family while still having regular Premium on another account.


For this, we suggest that check the different alternatives provided here, and make sure to look for other accounts you may have with the steps here


Once you've established that you have two accounts, you can cancel the regular Premium subscription on the other account, and transfer your playlists to your Premium for Family account with these steps.


Let us know how it goes!

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