Configure Paypal for payments


Configure Paypal for payments


I'm trying to configure my paypal account as my primary payment, and to be 100% honest I have no intentions of allowing my card information to just float around the internet all the time.

All I see are card options when I try to update my payment options, how can I use paypal to pay?

I'd love if there was an actual support line I could contact for this because I have every intention of canceling my service if I cannot.

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Re: Configure Paypal for payments

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Hey @magerx


Sorry for the inconvenience if you are not seeing PayPal as a payment method.


Payment methods that are accepted vary by country and what Spotify premium plan you have. 


You will see what payment methods are available to you when you are subscribing to premium.


If you are already subscribed to premium and want to change payment method and see your options: