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Coronavirus: Please Offer 3 Months Free Upgrade to Premium During This Hardship

Coronavirus: Please Offer 3 Months Free Upgrade to Premium During This Hardship

So many Spotify users in these times of this Coronavirus hardship, really appreciate Spotify's awesome service! It would be super appreciated by millions of free users to be able to upgrade to Premium service, with a 3 month free period. Many of us free users missed your Valentines' Day offer. In this time of hardship, it would be very much appreciated if Spotify gave us a second chance! What do you say SPOTIFY? Can you make it happen?


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Hey there @G101G101!

Welcome to the Spotify Community and I hope you are keeping well, 


Spotify are unable to provide free Premium, but do have a number of different subscription options that might be more cost-effective for you, such as Premium Family or Premium Student. Check out your subscription page for more info:


Take Care,


Hey there @EthanS1,

Spotify currently offers 1 month free Premium upgrade. They offered 3 months free Premium on Valentine's Day. I'm asking Spotify to give us a second chance for the 3 months free Premium deal due to the Coronavirus. Then after the 3 months free Premium service, we'll start paying the Premium service price. I'm going to wait to upgrade until they offer that deal again. It would go a long way for Spotify to show exemplary community service support during this Coronavirus.

Hey @G101G101,


Spotify's free service will be available to keep you connected with your favorite music and podcasts. Spotify are further donating to the CDC and WHO, as well as providing ad space to governments and health organizations to keep everyone in the loop during this period.


You can check out how Spotify is helping around the world in more detail over here in the Spotify Newsroom! 


In the meantime, Stay safe! 💚


Hey @EthanS1,

Cooleo! I like that! I still think offering the 3 months free upgrade period would help it's users, and Spotify would also capture more permanent Premium service users in the long run … a win, win for Spotify and it's users. You know, "Help us help you".  

Hey @G101G101!


The teams at Spotify are aware of this suggestion and many others and will continue to listen to feedback and implement as they deem fit. Unfortunately I have no further information here on the Community to share. For further updates on Spotify and COVID-19 keep an eye on the Spotify Newsroom.


Stay Safe! 


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