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Country Problem : using a debit card issued by a neo bank


Country Problem : using a debit card issued by a neo bank


Hello all,

I subscribed to a family account and paid with a debit card issued by Ferratum Bank.


Even though I'm a french citizen living in France, I had to change my country to Malta, because debit card issued by this bank are domiciliated in Malta.


My problem is that I can't change the country for the other family accounts because the IP used is France based : I can't select Malta and Spotify asks for every account to live under the same roof (hence same country).

Is there a way to solve this ?

Should I try to use a proxy or VPN with a Malta base IP so I can change the country for the other accounts ... ?


Thanks for your help and advices,




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Hey @liteo, welcome to the Community!


We're afraid this isn't possible. The best solution would be to cancel your subscription and resubscribe with a French payment method.


We also advise against using a VPN for listening to Spotify or changing your country settings. This can cause some issues with all of the accounts later down the road.


Hope that helps clear things up.