Country issue with family subscription

Country issue with family subscription


My husband recently moved to the Netherlands with me, but because we both move a lot, I had my country as Taiwan and he as Austria before. Now he has changed to family subscription and I cannot join it because the system won't allow us to change the country only until the next subscription renew date which we have very different dates, and that he also only have a Austrian paypal account and not Dutch one. This is a very sophisticated process. Could you just change it in the system for us so we can have the family subscription on mine with my Dutch paypal instead of all of us signing up for different paypal accounts in many different countries at different dates, etc?


I think the restriction of only able to change the country when the subscription renews is a VERY stupid design.

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Hey @ca3rine, welcome to the Community!


I definitely understand your frustration, but no worries. If your account's country setting is currently set to The Netherlands, you shouldn't have any trouble signing up for Premium for Family with a payment method issued in that country.


As for your husband, we suggest he reaches out to our team via Twitter or Facebook so they can have a look at his account. If he paid within the last 14 days, he can ask our team for a refund.


Once that's sorted, ask him to change his country setting to The Netherlands. Once that's done, you can send him an invite to your plan following these steps.


Hope that helps clear things up 🙂

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