Credit Card Blocked


Credit Card Blocked


Hi there. 

I had a Premium subscription trial. During the three months, my xrecre card got locked, so Spotify finally couldn't charge the next month. After some days telling me to update the payment method (which I couldn't because I still hadn't received the new credit card), my account became free again.


Now I tried to upgrade Premium and not only I've been charged with the money, but also can't log in my account (when I try to recover my password, it says the account doesn't exist).


If someone could help me I'd be so pleased, since I've been charged the money and now I lost my account.



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Hey @pabsdabs, welcome to the Community!


Do you have any trouble resetting your password using an incognito window? Also, make sure you're entering your email address in all lowercase characters.


If that doesn't help, try inputting every email address you have to see if you might have signed up with a different address.


Let us know if that helps.