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Credit card expiration date passed and missed payment

Credit card expiration date passed and missed payment


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Hi, so I'm the admin of our Premium Family plan. Recently i saw the pop-up message "Your last payment didn't work" on the iOS app. I suspected it's because i forgot to update the expiration date of my credit card. The card has been renewed and is usable, and i've just updated the expiration date in my Spotify account details, but the "your last payment didn't work" message is still popping up.

When can i expect my account to start working normally again? Is there anything i need to do to get it working ASAP?

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Hi there @Justin335i,

thanks for reaching out !


I'd recommend paying a visit to your account overview page at just to see your current subscription status.


If payment hasn't gone through, please make sure to use this payment troubleshooting help page for further steps.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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