Didn't subscribe, getting charged


Didn't subscribe, getting charged


I don't have the app on my phone, i haven't for months now, i don't use spotify and today my card was declined, when i checked my bank i noticed you guys charged me for a service i have not been using for months, i think i only ever got the free trial and that was a long time ago. Please fix this i am incredibly frustrated

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Re: Didn't subscribe, getting charged


Hey @Eneftaly, welcome to the community!


Thanks for reaching out to us, we'll gladly help you out.


If you signed up for a 30-day trial or a recent promotion, you're buying into the Spotify monthly subscription. That's why you're automatically charged for the service from then on.


However, you can cancel the subscription anytime to stop the automatic payments.


If you've never subscribed for Spotify Premium, but you're getting charged, your card details could've been compromised. In which case, it'd be best to contact our Support team via Twitter or Facebook.


All the best.

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