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Does thumbs up on a Radio station affect all Spotify results?

Does thumbs up on a Radio station affect all Spotify results?

If I click “thumbs up” on a song on artist radio, does it only affect the results in that specific radio station? Or does it affect results in other radio stations and elsewhere on Spotify?
Help says "Click when a track is playing and the station improves to match your tastes." That implies that it will only affect that station. However, I want to know that before I give thumbs down on some of my favourite songs and artists because they are inappropriate for the station I am listening to.

2 Replies

Hi @charmedbirds ! 🙂
As far as I am aware, this function is station specific. It should only tailor to the current one you're listening to and not the rest of Spotify.
Hope this helps and have a great day! 🙂


Thanks! It would be great to have someone from Spotify weigh in and tell us conclusively as well, so we can be sure. Is there anyone from Spotify that can can actually confirm this?

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