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Double billed erroneously on very first Spotify/Hula payment for $4.99

Double billed erroneously on very first Spotify/Hula payment for $4.99

Dear Spotify Customer Service/Accounts Receivable/Billing:

Please reverse the extra $4.99 charged to my bank account on my very first payment tonight while joining the Spotify/Hulu for students.  Not happy, too, that it is so difficult to impossible not to be able to contact you directly, as with other reputable businesses, but have to post on a public forum to try to get a corrected reversal on a Spotify/Hulu billing error.

Please reverse the extra $4.99 erroneously charged tonight ASAP!!

Thank you!


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Hey @kell9363, welcome to the Community!


If the payments show as completed on your bank statement, then you'll need to reach out to our team so they can take a look at your account.


You can reach out to them via Twitter or Facebook.


Let us know how it goes.

Thank you, David!  I did reach Spotify chat after finding the way to do it, directly.  A very good representative, "Joyce M.", checked on the problem and ensured that of the two pending bank charges only one would go through & the other would "fall off" it did.  Now I am very happy with Spotify/Hulu monthly investment!



Hey @kell9363,


Thanks for letting us know that you got this resolved with the support folks!


If you ever need anything else on the Community, we'll be right here 🙂



Although I love Spotify, and have no problems with the delivery/service of music on Spotify, I  have had problems with the download capabilities of Hulu, just as I did four years ago when I paid for the Hulu service alone.  Disappointing, that Hulu still does not invest in the adequate software and hardware for users to access the videos to watch a total movie or series without downloading problems...that make this service, as compared to Netflix or Amazon..., totally worthless, because it is so darn frustrating and impossible to watch a longer show throughout...w/o interruption lasting for too long or forever...with spin but no show, interrupted at the best part(s)!!!

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