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Double charged twice a month and no premium!! **bleep**!!!

Double charged twice a month and no premium!! **bleep**!!!

My credit card expired last month on itunes and i renewed it. Then it didnt charge for a day so i entered a new subscription on website from my own account. Next day, may 8, spotify double charged me, 1 from i tunes, 1 from website. Then this month, spotify double charged me again on june 8. Now i canceled preimum and i payed 4 times in the last 2 months and now i can not listen anything because my account became free. No customer service. No nothing. Really is spotify cheat people like this? i dont get it. I want my money back, i payed 4 times and my subscription must end at 8 september for gods sake. Shall i sue?

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Hi there! This Contact Form should help you. Thank you for being patient.

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