Double charges for a year, won't get money back


Double charges for a year, won't get money back





I just discovered I have been charged twice for Spotify for almost a year without knowing this was happening. Spotify says I used a free trial that became a premium subscription and that that account was created through Facebook. I had no freaking idea this had happen. I haven't even listened to any music on "the second account", there's not a single playlist. I've talked to the support twice and they are being really unhelpful and rude about it, saying they won't pay back any money except for the last charge that was within 14 days. Looking through this community and googling I've found I'm not the first person that this has happened to. Spotify can see that the other account wasn't used but will still not pay back any money, not even to take care of their customer. It's absolut bs how they treat you. Also absolut bs that you are without any knowledge or understanding able to create a second account through Facebook and be charged for it. I will leave Spotify now if they don't help me and pay back the double charged money. This is set in system to draw money from two accounts from people. The support was really bad and gave me different information on charges, start dates of accounts etc, total mess. No wonder it's hard to understand what's going on. SUPER DISAPPOINTED.