Email saying my payment won't go through


Email saying my payment won't go through


Originally when I first got spotify I subscribed to a spotify premium account, but then soon swithced to a spotify premium account that is under my mothers name. I have had this account for almost 6 months now, and today I recieved an email saying my payment won't go through, even though I am not the one paying for the family premium account so my settings does not show me any information about payment since I am not the person paying for the premium account. I can't figure out how to fix this since I keep getting emails about it. Anyone able to help me out? 

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Re: Email saying my payment won't go through


Hey @katf1 and welcome to our Community!


We'd suggest contacting your bank and see if your payment card meet these requirements:!/article/I-cannot-activate-the-30-day-free-trial-credit-debit...? If so, we’d recommend reaching out to your bank for more info.


Let us know how it goes.