Epic collection, friend. Your music is all filled up.

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Epic collection, friend. Your music is all filled up.

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"Epic collection, friend. Your music is all filled up."


Filled up?

The Internet is full?

Shall I send you a floppy in the mail so you can save a few thousand more links to albums I want to keep track of?


See how insulting that tone sounds?

Just how your 'epic' alert message sounds to me, friend.


I'm a paying customer and "premium" means I can't save albums I enjoy?

Do you offer a "premium premium" without limits?


I enjoy listening to albums, it's one of the best things about spotify.

How am I supposed to keep track of albums I enjoy if I can't save them anymore?


After reading online, it seems most people use playlists as a work around; that's a waste of time and effort, and absurd.


Is this an epic 'design' decision?

Thanks, friend.

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Re: Epic collection, friend. Your music is all filled up.

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Hey @zambetti, and welcome to the community.

Hope you're doing great! 


I understand your frustration. I'll make sure to pass your feedback onto the right teams at Spotify. In the meantime, if you need help with anything else, just let me know :) 

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Re: Epic collection, friend. Your music is all filled up.

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Hi Billy,


I just noticed something peculiar with relation this issue of saved Albums on Spotify.


I'm using Spotify's Mac App, and when you right click on an album in the "Albums" section, on first click it says "Remove from You..." and if you right click the same album again, it says "Remove from Your Library".


Making this even more strange, they seem to do the same thing, however "Remove from You..." immediately removes the album despite ending with ellipses, which should indicate some further dialog or step follows a menu item.


Does this mean that Spotify's profiling software uses Albums to understand me ("You"), and this arcane album limit is due to a limit on some sort that degrades if too many albums are added? If so, this is a case of engineering decisions adversely affecting the service, and you should find another way profile people, rather than limiting how many albums we can save.


I probably wouldn't have noticed this odd behavior at all if I weren't removing albums so often, since now my Spotify experience is as much about stressfully removing albums I like less than new ones I just found, making the otherwise wonderful service into something that feels like a strip mall used-CD shop, or a shady 90s mail-order CD club.


Any help to remove this limit on saved albums would be very welcome to me, and after finding some online petitions about this issue, to many others as well.