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Failed subscription to premium and already charge my money

Failed subscription to premium and already charge my money






iPhone 6

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iOS 12


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I want upgrade my spotify account to premium. And spotify already charge my money. However when i tried to open spotify it is still free version. Please help, thank youu



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Hi there! 

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this, but no worries though I'm here to help you 😉

Here are some steps that might solve your problem.


  • Try to check your subscription page. Your status should be Premium. 
  • If you're on Premium, you could try signing out and back into the app.
  • You can also try to get in your account from another device.


It's also possible that you’ve accidentally created a second account - one account with a Spotify username, the other created and linked to your Facebook profile. Try logging in with each to access your Premium.


For more info and tips about why your Premium subscription might not be working, check out this article.

Hi thanks for help me.


I already tried both of them, login using facebook and login using email password, but none one of them are in premium subscription. Also is it normal spotify not sending me an email ?


what i did :

- Upgrade my account to premium using spotify in my computer. With the same email

- check my subscription in app with both way using facebook and not. Still in free mode

- check in my computer also give me a free mode


I dont know how to solve this.



You should go to to your bank's acoount website and see if Spotify charged the money, if not, you should upgrade it to premium another time. It might be that there was a problem with the payment, and that's why you don't have Spotify Premium activated.

Hope that solves your problem 😉

Hi there thanks for helping me.


already contact the bank, and they said spotify already charged it. And now, don't have idea how to upgrade my account..



In that case I'd recommend contacting with the Support here.

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