Family Plan and Hulu bundle


Re: Family Plan and Hulu bundle


My question, as someone who wants to go from Spotify Premium w Hulu to JUST Spotify Family Plan, is, will I automatically lose Hulu if I do that? I am okay with that if so. I was looking for a way to quit Hulu but can't seem to figure out how to do that.


Re: Family Plan and Hulu bundle


If you switch to the Family Plan, your Hulu subscription will be cancelled by Spotify.


If you log into Hulu, and look carefully, it will show that your current Hulu subscription is paid for by Spotify, because the services are linked.


Because the family plan is not eligible for the Hulu bundle, if you switch to Family, Spotify will cancel your Hulu subscription.


You will never get the bundle back, even if you switch back to plain, single account Premium. The Hulu bundle is no longer available. You can't get it again.


Of course, you could always sign up for Hulu independently of Spotify.


It is possible to cancel the Hulu promo within your Spotify account. You don't have to upgrade to Family to accomplish that. Just go to your account page, and there are options there for managing services like Hulu. You may have to do this in a web browser.