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Family subscription cancelled by Spotify

Family subscription cancelled by Spotify

I just received a message saying that Spotify could not confirm that I am part of my wife family and therefore they cancelled my premium subscription!!!! I had several playlists, downloads, etc... everything lost now!!!! What a shame!!! Please how should I prove that I live with my wife? Is Spotify cheating on us about the family subscription!!!!? Solve my issue ASAP!
3 Replies

Same issue here. Spotify suddenly asked my address again but this time, after I put my address, it says my address is different than my sister's. The thing is, my sister couldn't find her address detail anywhere in her Spotify profile. Therefore, we couldn't find the differences between our input. This is seriously dumb!

Now My wife is trying to put me back and the system says that I cannot joint her subscription!!! Amazingly ridiculous!!!

No surprise. I doubt this will be fixed anytime soon. So stupid that there's no apparent option to edit or view your home address. I suggest your wife to downgrade to single subscription as it is cheaper than the family one. What's the point of having family subscription but you can only have 1 user? Very frustrating.

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