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Fido 6 month sub stopped working

Fido 6 month sub stopped working



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I signed up with fido on July 6th 2018 which included a 6 month free sub to Spotify premium. I activated that feature the same day. Yesterday when I tried to use my spotSpo app, it was suddenly a free account. As far as I can tell I should have premium until January. There was no warning of my sub ending or any mentoom of an error. I tried contacting fido already, they told me to contact spotify.  FromFwhat ive already read on these forums, spotify tells everyone to contact fido or rogers. I would like some real answers please

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Hey @Itira.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Perhaps you have a second account which is on Free. Find out if you have more than one account with the instructions here. If you are sure that the subscription you got through Fido has in fact stopped, you'll have to get in touch with Fido since it's them that manage your subscription.


Let us know if you have further questions. Have a nice day.

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