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Forgot username for my premium spotify

Forgot username for my premium spotify

I keep getting charged on my credit card for a username I cannot recover. I checked all the help sections and still having no luck. Can an admin PM me so i can provide some details to see which account it is associated with

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Hello @biglizardz. Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!

Let's see if we can either recover your username or get you back on track via support. The first step I would try is to reset your password via the following form:


This will let you reset it by entering either your username or email, which is useful in this case since you don't remember your username. Enter the email address where you currently receive Spotify Newsletters (if you do), or just try emails you think it might be.


Let me know if this helps, or if you're still not receiving any username to your email(s) information after trying this step.

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