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Free Trial what happens when it's over?


Free Trial what happens when it's over?

Hello Spotify,
People may have asked you the same question, but I need a full understandment. I've just downloaded the Spotify app on my iPod and I got the 48 hour free trial plan. Now, what would exactly happen once the free trial is over? Will I still be able to listen to Spotify on my iPod or will the app automatically shut down? Will I also be charged if I don't cancel my free trial before the 48 hours? Now, I guess I should also say that I have a Spotify free account on my computer without this app.

Thanks for your moment!
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I have all Spotify on my kindle, it's offering me to download a playlist and I have a trial, well I be charged for that? 🙂 

You are currently enjoying our 48 hour Premium trial. We have not taken any payment information from you so rest assured that you will not be charged for a Spotify subscription. If you would like to try Premium out for longer, you can activate our 30 day trial here and cancel at any point to keep the remaining trial time whilst avoiding being charged. Hope this helps!


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I am a newbee (wern't we all?) and I've searched the boards for this question with no luck. So here goes, I have a premium trial for 30 days.

I have no mobile devices that I want to use. I only use the Spotify app built into my Onkyo Reciever. When the month is up, the USA instructions say I can down grade to "unlimited" Will my user name and password still work? and if so, will my reciever Spotify work at all.

I guess the quality will go down to 160 vs 320 but i usually use it for background music anyway. Basically if I take the "unlimited option, what will happen?  Sorry if this has been answered, but i couldn;t find it  NickCollide.

@NickCollide - Your username and password will work no matter which subscription plan you are on. However, if you wish to continue using Spotify on Onkyo that requires Spotify Premium.

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Reply to Peter from Nick Collide,

Thanks , thats all I wanted to know. Commercial radio really stinks in south Florida, There is 1 classic rock station, 1 oldies station, 20 Spanish stations, and 20 "POP" stations that feature boy bands and girls that all sound alike. (Probably due to pitch boxes, and voice doublers and such)   The common thread is you get to listen to a song once ina while between commercials. Two in a row is considered a huge deal and they send up the Blimp to let everboby know.$10.00 a month is worth it to me to make my own radio station and not have to put up with all that while working around the house.

So thanks again and especially for not calling me nasty newbee names.    NICK

I purchased the Premium and downloaded the app. I tried to get the spotify premium to work on my phone, however when I clicked account on the app, I by accidentally clicked on the spotify 7 day premium trial. On the account page, it has my payment details. However, under subscription, it says my premium will be up in 7 days then turn into free and under says "start our 30 day trial." If they have my payment details, are they going to charge me afterwards? I paid using student discount... please help me.



I suggest you contact support so they can help you


If you get an automated reply email telling you to check the help section or the community, you need to reply back to it.


Support usually replies within 24-48 hours.

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How can you charge if I never gave bank details ?

If I have a free trial for one month and then I don't pay at the end of it.. What will happen?

I accidentally clicked on the 7 day trial option on my iPod so I will not get charged at all once it is over right?

I've got the 7 day free trial on spotify and I would like to know when it's finished will I start to be charged? And how do I cancel it?

Ok my free trial 30 day is ending in 24 hours I didn't download any offline music I just added to my album lists would I be able to listen to my music with out subscribing to premium? It's my subscription free trial I'm talking about

Oh and after ends will I loose my playlists? Can I still use spotify?

How do I cancel the trial I accidentally pressed it on the ad

Sorry for taking yor time


so i was wondering, what is wrong with spotify when it does not load? I have been on the browse area for at least 20 minutes and nothing has seem to load. 

If someone knows what´s up, please let me know


- Kaila


Are you sure because I am scared that when my trial is over it will charge me because I have my credit card info locked into my iPad automatically.

i just want to know so that I can be relieved because I accidentally pressed the subscribe to free trial and I'm scared that i will be charged.

please explain it so that I can find relief in knowing that I won't be charged for an accident I made.

oh thank goodness, I accidentally accepted the trial without any idea what was going on


Will my downloads go away

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