Free subscription for October


Free subscription for October

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 September was my first month and as you offer the first month for free i still paid 5 euros for that. When i contant Spotify , they told me its ok because you went directly to student subscription and we offer it for free on premium, but no problem you will not be charged for it on october(the free month). Today i just received an email to pay for ocboter and was 6.2 euros. So please tell me whats going on here ?

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Spotify Legend

Hey @user-removed,


It sounds like you took the free trial, and then upgraded to Premium with a Student Discount. If done in the right order, this should postpone the payment for the Student Discount. This is probably why you'll get charged for it in October.


Do you see a charge for September as well? You'll find all the necessary info on your account page and bank statement.


Confirm how that looks, and we'll take a closer look. Make sure not to send any sensitive information such as debit/credit card details, email addresses etc.


Thanks! 🙂