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Gift Card - Spotify with Hulu

Gift Card - Spotify with Hulu


Spotify with Hulu




My Question or Issue

I purchased a Gift card to apply to my Spotify account, when I try to redeem it it says "Something went wrong. Try again, or get help." The get help link provides no extra help.

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Hey, thanks for reaching out,

As far as i understood your problem you've got a ggift card that doesn't work.

As it says try later or get help it might be that either there is currently a tecnical issue and you might have sucess with your gift card later, or your gift card has already been used, which might happen if you try to use the code and nothing happpens and you try it again.


Your post as well contains the following link:

Make sure that you follow all the instructions give under that link, and if that doesn't help you'd probably have contact the Spotify Support to have them check your gift card.


The Spotify Support can be contacted on social media:


Or with the following Link:


Hopefully that could help.



Gift cards cannot be used for Spotify premium with Hulu.


They can be used for Spotify premium without Hulu.


The terms and conditions for gift cards state that the card cannot be used for Spotify products that are bundled together with a product or service from another company.


You have to wait until your premium subscription expires. It will revert to Spotify free, and then you can add the gift card to get it back on premium, but you will no longer have Hulu.


To get it to expire, make sure you cancel your premium subscription so it does not auto-renew on your credit card.

This is what I was afraid of.  I feel like this is a stupid term of a gift card.  I’m paying for Spotify Premium, that happens to come with Hulu, it’s the same price as just Premium.  I received $120 in gift cards to pay for an entire year of service As a gift. Now I’ve scratched them off to enter the pin, so I have no way to return them or anything, it’s just a waste.  So now I have to attempt to find someone that has Spotify and wants to pay me for them and hope they aren’t used (even though I know they aren’t).

You may be able to work around it by the following process:

1. Allow the subscription to expire so the account reverts to Spotify free.

2. Add a gift card, which will convert the account to Spotify Premium without Hulu.

3. Re-activate automatic monthly payment with your credit card, so that when the gift card ends, the account will automatically bill your card instead of expiring back into a free account.

Re-activating the automatic monthly payment with your card will effectively change your "payment method," even though it will not actually happen until the gift card term ends. This may get you back on Spotify with Hulu immediately.

It's worth a shot. I'd love to know if it works.


I really think Spotify launched the Hulu promotion without adequately evaluting how it would impact, and be impacted by, gift card usage.



It looks like the Premium with Hulu offer has been discontinued except for students.


So if you let your premium account expire to a free account, you will probably lose Hulu and never get it back.

Were your gift cards purchased in the USA? Or somewhere else?


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