Google Home Mini order cancelled


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yea nope.

mine is even worse.

google reps actually walked me through the ordering process.

I think what was wrong is I used a different credit card than I use for spotify when ordering the google home mini through the google store.
(I have my husband card saved already under my google account - but this credit card was used by him already for redeeming his google home mini)

Google reps said it's spotify responsibility to issue a new code, but spotify is just not having it. Very dissapointing, looking from a spotify point of view.

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Re: Google Home Mini order cancelled

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That sucks!
It's ridiculous how obtuse Spotify is being about this. Random problems happen during the ordering process and instead of helping you fix it and get the item you're owed, they just refuse to honour the deal.
"We can only offer one code per customer" is easily the most idiotic response I've gotten.

Re: Google Home Mini order cancelled

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Scammed! I joined Spotify due to the promotion. I may have been a potential on going customer but since they cannot honour the promo I feel scammed and do not want to do business with them or promote them until they can resolve this issue. I asked for a refund of my $10 since I have not even wanted to use Spotify until issue resolves and they told me they cannot give me the refund. So plese send me the mini like you promised!

Re: Google Home Mini order cancelled

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Yep, I asked for a refund too but I expect the same thing to happen. They won't honour their promotion and they won't provide a refund; there has to be some law against false advertising like that.

Garbage company. Horrible customer service.

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I've had exactly the same issue.


My reply from google:


"Hi Flynn,

Thank you for writing back to Google Support!

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I've checked all the possible options from my end and at the moment we don't have any additional information available to share. I'm afraid to inform that since the promotion is via Spotify, it's not possible to override it manually and we're unable to provide a new code.

This happens on Google store, when the system couldn't validate your information.  It is auto-generated for the current orders. I'd recommend you to please wait for sometime, once there is any new information available regarding your order, you will receive an email with instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this email and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

The Google Support Team"


My reply from Spotify:


"Hi there,

Thanks for your reply.

Google Store should have sent an email regarding the order cancellation reason. At this point we are unable to provide a new code.

If you have any questions we recommend contacting Google Store directly:

Give us a shout if you need any other help with the Spotify app or your Premium for Family subscription.




I've submitted a complaint to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission for both Spotify and Google. This comes under false & misleading advertising, which the airline Jetstar was just fined $2m for. I urge you all to also lodge a complaint with your consumer watchdog. It's disgusting how happy they are to receive our money without delivering the product - and then pass the buck back and forth.


Re: Google Home Mini order cancelled


I've gone through the same.

At this point, are we considering a suit? Also link this thread for both Google and Spotify in your correspondence.


You had to agree to 1. Pay a subscription for this promo, and 2. Link your Google account to Spotify so they can sell your streaming tracking information for ad revenue, for 3. You not to receive a guarenteed promotion.


Basically you wasted time and money for two very rich companies to just use you and then tell you to f*** off.



Re: Google Home Mini order cancelled


Hey everyone,


Thank you for all the feedback you've given us so far.


We realize this thread is gone a bit off topic since it was related to a previous offer. To avoid confusion, we're going to lock the thread.


However, if you're having troubles or have any questions on a current offer, don't hesitate to let us know in the relevant Help Board and we'll be happy to lend a hand there.


Thanks again!

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