Got charged and I don't even use spotify


Got charged and I don't even use spotify

So it says that on April 8th I got charged the 9.99 +tax and I don't even remember adding my card? I had tried the free trial when I was younger and had the account linked to my fb I recently saw a college student promotion and had clicked on it and amazingly saw my old spotify.. No music by the way, but besides that I didn't expect my card to get charged. I would like a refund cause my card had $0.00 and now I have an overdraft fee plus a spotify fee that I didn't know was going to get charged and now I have a $-45.81 on my card. I would not have put myself in a position to have to pay this... Because I know I have no money, so I don't know how my card got charged and I don't even use spotify. Please help.
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Hey there @JoPanda1121!

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As this is regarding your account/charges we'd recommend reaching out to our Support folks.


Don't worry, they're happy to help and you can contact them one of the below ways:

1. Email -

2. Twitter -

3. Facebook -


We hope this helps 🙂