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I recently signed up for spotify premium trial and got a new phone. When i downloaded spotify and logged in all the sudden all my playlists are gone and I am no longer premium. HELP. I want my playlists back.

I am also worried that they will start charging me after the free trial even though I do not have spotify premium now when I log in .
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Sorry to hear your you've had a spot of bother with your Spotify Subscription, but I'm sure we can get this sorted 🙂


If you make sure you log in with the same Spotify account on your phone, the same as your old phone, you should still have your Spotify Subscription.

To make sure your Spotify Subscription didn't run out, you can visit and sign in, if it say's your on Free, if you go to it'll tell you when your last payment was (if it was more than a month ago, your subscription has most likely expired).


Hope this helps,

  - James