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Hey Spotify, you have a 1 month trial [RANT]

Hey Spotify, you have a 1 month trial [RANT]

After almost 2 years as a premium user, I am leaving. I came here fed up with Google Play Music thinking that Spotify would be the superior service. Boy, was I wrong.

In no particular order, these are the issues that I have been suffering for 2 years, and most of them are much older really.


1. Spotify pauses randomly on Chromecast

2. Can't delete a song from a playlist from the "Now playing" screen on Android

3. Thumbs can't be modified

4. Columns can't be customized in the Windows client

5. After the last update on Android, I was forced to delete the app storage and then re-download all my music. Otherwise, the app would not start saying that it was in "offline mode" or something like that.


So, I am giving Spotify a 1 month trial to solve those issues, or I'll take my business elsewhere.

Music services are very similar. Cost is similar, music availability is similar, family options are similar. What tips the scales are small details like the ones I posted above. It is a disgrace for Spotify. They have the bigger userbase and they are gifting away their users because of stupid issues that should be standard in any music service. And once a user is gone, it's gone for good. I won't come back even if they fix all those issues. Changing from one service to another is a chore. You need to create new playlists, rate songs, etc. So it is not something people will do easily once they have found a service that works for them. Google Music did not work for me. Spotify is even worse. We'll see about Apple.

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Just be aware that Apple music doesn't support chromecast from what I've read (do verify yourself though, I'm no expert and I don't own a chromecast).

darn! That's an inconvenience. Even so, if it does not have the other problems, it is worth a try.

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