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How do I cancel the premium on Spotify?


How do I cancel the premium on Spotify?

I need help. Ugh!
54 Replies

Hey folks,


Thanks for your recent comments here.


Sorry to hear you'd like to cancel your subscriptions.

No worries, you can cancel anytime by heading to


If you need a hand, we'd suggest reaching out to Support.

You can do this one of these ways:





Many thanks,



Hi Can you help me cancel my subscription. So here's the problem..I signed up for premium last week, the payment was charged out. I am not able to access the account. I thought perhaps I used the wrong password so I have requested password reset. I receive a message saying that I will get the info to reset the password on my email, but I never do. I have tried logging in through facebook, but that is not working either. I have tried logging in with another email, but no help there either. So now I tried setting up a new account, which I cannot do becuase the message that comes up states that an account with the same information already exists. Now I have no apparent way to access the existing account or create a new account. I want to cancel my subscription, but that also requires my password which is not being accepted in order to log in to cancel. Please advise on how to fix this. 

Reach out to Support mate. This forum is useless.



Under my subscription page, it doesn't have a cancel button. Plz help 

Is support team also reading this forum or just users? It's ridiculous that no one can solve this problem. SHAME ON YOU Spotify!!!

i used a fake email for this account that i have and i don’t know the email or password to log in and cancel it someone please help!!!!😭😭

Hello, I know how to cancel my subscription but when i try to go to account settings I see the "Can't reach this page" error. I've tried clearing my cache and cookies, resetting my password but nothing seems to work. What other way can I cancel my subscription?

I ran into a similar problem and tried checking through facebook still says its Spotify Free and I am still unable to cancel the charge they are about to give me that I never authorized.  I am about to get overdrafted because of this and I am unable to find my payment details to erase them. I really wish they had a number because if I dont fix this I am screwed.



i have the same issue. I've ben paying for 4 months for full subscription, but I only have free subscription and I am unable to cancel ... pls help




Did you get this fixed, if so how? As I still can't cancel my subscription 

You have to log in to spotify from a browser not the app

Hi there, This really annoying, i have been try to cancel my premium subscription on spotify for a while and when i ever go to the subscription and payment page it always show that i am on free spotify . how come? they already have been to billing on my account everything month. i there anyway you can even list any link to contact you?  thanks

How do I cancel my spotfy if I don't know my password and can't access my Email adress

Try logging in to spotify from a web browser not the app.

My old email was Hacked now my new email is how do I change my old one to my new email 

If you dont know ur suscription then how are u gettin emails n payment requests?

I am trying 2 cancel my premium service..i have gone onto subscriptions and payments but doesnt give you the option 2 cancel..can you please help

I am experiencing the exact same thing...


Hi..i just emailed them and they got straight back to me.

I want to cancel my Spotify subscription

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