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Hulu 99 cent deal and student premium

Hulu 99 cent deal and student premium






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I got the Hulu 99 cent deal last year and it is expiring this month. I also am a student and want to get Spotify premium student discount which has Hulu inculded. I know I can't combine both deals, but should I cancel the current 99 cent Hulu subscription before my Hulu deal expires on the 23rd and rejoin via Spotify or what other options?

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It will be best to wait for your current promotion of 99cents for Hulu to expire. Once it does, you can try to apply for the Student discount by clicking here.


You can try now to apply for the Student discount, but when you get approved, the Hulu 99cents will still be forfeited, once you register with the discount for your account.


As long as the University that you're currently enrolled is accredited to SheerID, you'll be able to join the discount. Make sure that you'll be enrolling your Spotify account during the term. They'll more likely to decline during the breaks. 


Hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else.

Hello, read your question and wanted to ask one more question; Hulu asked if I can pause my subscription when it charges in 2 days (the 23th). Should I pause my subscription and join the Student bundle or straight up cancel it? Hope to hear back asap

I will suggest to get verified first with Student Discount. I think you can get verified even without cancelling your current Hulu subscription.

This is my own opinion. It's your call to do it or not. Hope it helps!

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