Hulu canceled unexpectedly


Hulu canceled unexpectedly


My wife forgot to bring music for a recent flight so I told her I could upgrate to premium family just for this month so she could download some music. When I got home I noticed my Hulu no longer worked. I now learned that if you upgrade your account at all you lose all your promos. Is there any way I can get it back? I love Spotify but am very frusterated that I was blindsided by this. If I had known it would cancel my Hulu promo I never would have upgraded. I just was doing it to be nice to my wife for one flight so she could have music to listen to with no intention of keeping the family plan. 


I am now back to a single account. Is there any possible way to get Hulu back? I'm frusterated that this wasn't communicated at all by Spotify when I made the upgrade. 


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The same thing happened to me and my husband today. I would also like to go back to my original subscription if it will let me keep Hulu. Can a Spotify associate please reach out to us with a solution?

Re: Hulu canceled unexpectedly


There's no way to get it back.


You say that it was cancelled "unexpectedly," and that it was "not communicated" by Spotify. But in the worldview adopted by Spotify and their lawyers, it was not unexpected at all, and it was very clearly communicated.


When you signed up for the Hulu promotion, you clicked on something that said that you had read and agreed to all the terms and conditions associated with the "Premium with Hulu Offer." So whether you actually read it or not, you agreed to it. And of course, you should have read it before clicking on the button that said you agreed to it.


And here's what it says: "subscribers to either the Spotify Premium for Family Plan or the Spotify Premium for Students Tier are not eligible for this Premium with Hulu Offer."


You can read the complete terms and conditions of the offer here:


You cancelled your Premium with Hulu Promo when you changed your account to a type that did not qualify. The promo is no longer offered, so you won't be able to sign up again.