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Hulu no longer recognizes Spotify Premium subscription


Hulu no longer recognizes Spotify Premium subscription

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My Question or Issue

I have been with Spotify for some time now, and when the option came for the free Hulu subscription with a Spotify Premium account, I naturally elected to sign up for an account with Hulu.


Never had an issue with either subscription once they were linked.  I never changed my plan, cancelled, or chose otherwise following the linking of the two accounts.


However, a few months ago, my payment method was changed to be paid through PayPal, not of my own accord.  I believe this somehow cancelled my account or Premium subscription, as though there was a lapse in payment, and I am firmly under the impression that this has somehow interrupted the link between my accounts.


When I check on Spotify through the website, I can see that Hulu is still listed under the Apps section of my profile and still has access granted to my Premium account.  However, when I sign into Hulu, it does not recognize my Premium account credentials, and when I go to link the accounts, Hulu states that it is having trouble verifying my Spotify subscriptions and directs me here.


I have attached screenshots for reference, because this is becoming one of the most frustrating issues, and I am about to cancel both subscriptions if I cannot reach a resolution.  I had sent out an email months ago with no response and figured I would reach out through the support page and see if I can get a reply...


HULU Reponse.PNG
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Re: Hulu no longer recognizes Spotify Premium subscription

Casual Listener

Just for the record, considering I never made changes to my account in regards to payment methods, I have UPDATED the payment method to my card, which should have originally been linked to this account for payment.  I hope it stays this way, unless there is a proper notification providing me with reasonable enough time to accommodate such a change...