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I can't use my spotify premium acount on my new telephone

I can't use my spotify premium acount on my new telephone

I have changed my mobile phone and even though I'm Premiun I don't get Premiun acces in the new mobile. I gone to settings and doesn't give the option to switch to Premium.

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Sorry to hear your Spotify Subscriptions gone for a walk about, but I'm sure we can get this sorted 🙂


If you make sure you log in with the same Spotify account on your phone, the same as your old phone, you should still have your Spotify Subscription.

To make sure your Spotify Subscription didn't run out, you can visit and sign in, if it say's your on Free, if you go to it'll tell you when your last payment was (if it was more than a month ago, your subscription has most likely expired).


Hope this helps,

  - James

Hi james,

I am having exactly the same problem. I have just bought an iPhone 7 and have downloaded the app, logged in and it says I'm on a free subscription. I've been onto the pages you suggested and it is saying that I have a free account. When I check receipts it says that there are none. Yet I have just checked my own bank account and the last Spotify premium payment went out on the 15th May. Please could you help?

Thank you

Hey Georgie,


That sounds like you've got two Spotify accounts.

I'd recommend this article on finding if you have a second account.


Hope this helps, let me know how it goes,

 - James

Yep! Turns out I have 2 accounts! Didn't have a clue that I did, but thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.


Glad you got it sorted!

Feel free to mark my answer as a solution if it worked 😉


 - James

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