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There are many organizations helping the Ukaranian people. The support of Ukraine has been awesome and awesome to see. 


There are good people in Russia. I am lucky enough to be friends with one of them. Their previous media platform either pulled out of my friends country, or things has gotten so bad economically that my friend can't afford their previous media provider. 


Spotify is a bastion of free speech at a time when freedom is at great risk. I use your service everyday for hours. 

I want to share freedom with my friend and I want to share my family subscription with them. I understand this cuts into Spotify's revenue stream.


Is there anything you can do to meet me halfway and help me out with the cost of opening a separate account for my friend? I will pay for the additional account either way, but I wanted to see if Spotify would be interested in helping me share American values to a troubled nation. 


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