I'm being charged $10.67 each month... and then some


I'm being charged $10.67 each month... and then some


Not mad at all- just super confused...

I used to have the Spotify Premium for Students, but as I am no longer a student, the amount changed a few months ago. However, it's not the original $9.99 I was paying when I signed up over 5 years ago, or the now-premium family price of $14.99. I'm okay with paying the difference, but I don't understand the reason for the arbitrary amount?


The other issue I'm having is that my card on file was replaced because of fraudulent bank activity, and I needed to update my payment info. When I logged in to do so, the $10.67 option didn't exist; I could either reinstate my Student account or pay $14.99 for the family one. Neither option was what I needed. However, it did let me put in my new payment information and hit submit before asking me to verify my student status. I did this twice and just checked my account; I was charged TWICE for $5.42. It's another weird amount and I was charged without verifying student status. So now I'd like to know how to get my account billing set up correctly. The right card info is on file, but the amount? I'm not so sure...


Pls advise:)