I'm being charged $12.99


I'm being charged $12.99


This is some shady stuff. When I signed up for Spotify, I was told I would be paying $9.99 and for the first few months I was paying $9.99. Then today, out of no where I see I just got charged $12.99. No clue how long this has been going on but this is shady. I've been a Spotify customer for over 2 years now, and I'm really upset you would raise the price out of no where and not contact me about it. I love Spotify, but I'll have no hesitation to switch over to another music provider if you can't learn how to treat your customers that have been with you for a while. 

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Re: I'm being charged $12.99


Hey @JoshuaP16, welcome to the community!


Thanks for getting in touch with us, we'll gladly help you out.


If you subscribed to Spotify Premium directly with us, the price ont he subscription is $9.99. However, if you subscribe through iTunes, it's a total of $12.99 because of Apple's transactional costs.


The change from one payment method to another doesn't happen automatically or without your authorization, so let's try following these steps to make sure you only have one Spotify Premium account.


If you don't have other Spotify accounts, make sure your iTunes information isn't linked to other devices that could've purchased Spotify for an account other than yours.


After checking the information above, and if you're sure you never set up a subscription through iTunes, it'd be best to contact Apple for more information about the $12.99 payment.



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