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I'm owner of a family, but my family cant listen

I'm owner of a family, but my family cant listen


I'm the owner of our family account on spotify.

But on the moment of payment they didn't charges the total price.

And now the rest of the members of our family can't listen to premium no more.


How can i solve this problem?



1 Reply

Hey @Joostpetersrit, help's here.


When you say you didn't get charged the total price, do you mean that the account owner wasn't charged for a Premium for Family subscription in full? 

To avoid any confusion, we'd suggest reading the article here to check that all the accounts have been added to the plan successfully as members. 


We'd also suggest getting in contact with us directly, or by tweeting our support handle about this. We'll be able to help you out further and take a look under the hood at the accounts linked to the plan.


We'll also be able to check if you have any duplicate accounts that some members might be logging into, that could be the root of any confusion.


Hope this helps!


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