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I paid for premium, not working

I paid for premium, not working

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I paid for premium a few hours ago, i have it in my bank history but my premium doesnt work even after reinstalling spotify, The only thing that was differwnt is my paypal though it was the same card so 

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Hey there @HakunaMatata135,

Thanks for reaching out!


Could you double-check your subscription status over on the account page? If it shows up as Premium, make sure you log in with the same email address in the app as the one that's displayed on your account page.

It's also worth logging out from the app and then logging back in again, as this action will resync the account info.

If your subscription status on the account page shows up as Free and you're still not seeing the Premium features in the app, it's possible that you might have signed up to Premium using another account. In that case, I would suggest checking this page for additional steps on how to find an account.

We hope this helps! Keep us posted on how it goes.

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I signed up for Spotify premium a few days ago. I am still getting ads—including adds for Spotify premium—interrupting music. I previously used free Spotify. It’s like nothing has changed. This has to have happened to lots of others. What is the fix?

I've already done my payment of 66 rs for my student discount plan and the money is also had been cut from my bank but still my app hasn't updated on premium 






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue


I have the same problem. Yesterday I paid a whole year Premium and today I'm left with a free account. Signing-out/signing-in didn't solve the problem. (Payment-method: rapipago/

I’ve paid for premium but nothing has been generated I’m still receiving the ad also I can’t download the song

Same issue with me...i have paid for the premium plan but still it is reflecting as free plan and no payment has been reflected in the history.

Hey folks!

We moved your posts here, hope you don't mind 🙂

Please take a look at the reply from @Yordan and go over the steps there.
In case you face any issues, don't hesitate to let us know. 

We'll be on the lookout for replies 🙌🏼

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Har fått kvitering for premium,men ingen premium

Pague premium y está gratis

The payment for subscription is complete but my account not premium yet

So I started the free 3 month trial and I have the receipt in my e-mail but my account doesn't have the premium. I have already signed out and made sure the app is up to date but nothing. I am still on the free plan and not the free 3 month individual plan. Any explanations 


Ok so I signed out of all accounts no premium but then I sign in on my phone and click sign in with apple ID and I have this whole different account with the premium on it. But that doesn't make sense because these accounts have different emails and the account with apple ID doesn't even have the email that I used to sign up for the premium. 

Hey there,

@LoganChaleunsap - It sounds like you might have signed up for multiple Spotify accounts and started the subscription on an account connected to your Apple ID. Keep in mind that it's possible to register for an account in many different ways - for example via Facebook, Google, Apple or using an email address.

What you can do in this case is to check which Spotify you'd like to keep. For example, perhaps you prefer to keep the account with the most amount of playlists. An option, if you're not using the one that's linked to your Apple ID, is to cancel the Premium subscription there, to ensure that you're not getting charged for that account in the future. You cancel a subscription at anytime, just head over to the account page > Manage your plan > Cancel plan. Make sure to log in to the account page using the option Continue with Apple, this way you'll reach that account right away. 


Once it's been canceled, simply sign out by clicking Profile in the top right corner > Log out. When you log back in again, enter the details for your other Spotify account. You can then head over to the Premium page to get started with a subscription on that account instead. When you're signing back in to the app using the same login details, you should see the Premium features right away.


You can also copy playlists over from one account to another following the steps on this page

Should you run into any issues canceling the subscription, we suggest getting in touch with our Customer Support team. They have the best tools to help further in your case, as we don't have access to accounts here on the Community.

Hope this clears things up! We're just a post away if anything else pops up.

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Hi I have the same issue. I used my debit card and bought the 3 month free trial, however I haven’t been granted access to it. I have been waiting for over 28 hours. I also checked if the payment went through, which it has. Therefore I would like to know what happened or what could be the reason if this problem to occur. 


My premium plan isn't working and I keep having ads, my downloaded Playlist doesn't show up to.. Please fix this I'm tired of paying again and again 

Same problem dude... FFFF >:(((

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