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I paid twice for student premium but still a Spotify-Free

I paid twice for student premium but still a Spotify-Free



Student Premium




Vivo Y53

Operating System

Android 6.0


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So let's start. My last payment is April 28 for Student Premium. I didn't pay for the month of May-June. So as of yesterday, I cancelled my premium, because it pops out that my account will be Spotify Free. So today, I availed the Student Premium for only P65 thru GCASH but it shows that "Payment failed...." BUT it deduct my balance in my account and I received a text message from GCASH that "You have paid P65 GCash to Spotify..." and when I check my spotify, its still a Spotify-Free. No reflection of my payment. So i tried my luck again, and it happened again. In short, I PAID TWICE BUT IT'S STILL A SPOTIFY-FREE.


Heeeeelp!!! Thankyouuuu!


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Hey @katherinexlee.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this 🙂


We suggest you check out this support article, which has a few things you can try to figure out what might have happened. 


If none of those worked for you, make sure to get back to us and we'll see what else we can suggest 😉

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