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I pay for premium and still get adverts. HELP

I pay for premium and still get adverts. HELP

Hello All.

My understanding of the Premium service is that it's sole purpose is to remove the adverts. I decided to pay to use premium just before Joe Rogan moved to spotify from youtube last year. Since I've used premium I haven't had any adverts until today when spotify began forcing me to listen to adverts such as BT sports.... I've used spotify almost every day all day listening for over 150 podcasts that are over 2 hours sometimes with never any adverts. Now today to my horror ADVERTS ...


How do I get spotify to stop doing this?


If they dont stop why would spotify expect users to pay for premium? 


I could get these podcasts for free with no adverts elsewhere. What are they playing at..  is this on purpose or is this a glitch that I can fix ??? 

If this isnt resolved I'll be demanding a refund and using a different service.



Samsung/android/premium on the app


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I have been getting the same with the JRE podcast, I pay for premium yet Spotify pauses the podcast to play an advert in the middle. 


I found this:


But the answers given there do not help explain why we are getting ads, especially as these are not adds that are linked into the podcast like the answers suggest.


What is the point in paying for premium if you still get Ads, did you just pay JRE too much and need to make some of it back with some sneaky ads?

I'm glad I'm not the only one ... I thought I was going crazy Haha... I messaged spotify support on facebook and they told me it's in the pod cast then didnt bother to reply after I insisted it is spotify doing it.

I'll save anyone from spotify having to answer you by repeating what they are saying to everyone else: 


We are very "sorry' about this, we have chosen to let people put these "dynamic" ads in there content yet we are unable to stop this for premium users as we are getting allot more add revenue if we also advertise to people who pay to receive no ads. 


Here is a button you can press to express your frustration:


and we hope you will still keep listening to these ads as they help make us extra money on top of subscriptions for our ad free service, with free ads included!


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