I think I am being charged twice


I think I am being charged twice



I've been a Spotify premium member for a few years now and the monthly £9.99 was always taken out of my bank account with my phone bill via EE. I've recently become a student and updated my account to have my student discount included. This all went through fine, I contacted EE to confirm the changes and they said it was all good. I've had a seperate Spotify payment taken from my bank account and I'm conscious that I will be charged again through my phone bill. 

Is there anyone who can offer any advice on how to fix this? I've used my student discount to help me save some money.. but worried I'll be paying more now ha!




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Re: I think I am being charged twice

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Rock Star 23

Hey @lowehelen91, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


So, you're paying for Premium Student using your credit/debit card or other payment method in your country right? And you're wondering since the Premium subscription was charged through your bank account on the same account that you'll be charged twice (once for Premium Student and Individual Premium)?


Keep me updated.

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