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I've been charged 3 times and my spotify still didn't get renewed to premium

I've been charged 3 times and my spotify still didn't get renewed to premium

I went to renew my subscription but after 3 retries I realised that I was charged 3 times and that I still didn't get premium on my account. I've been using Spotify premium for 2 years now and for this to happen is a major annoyance. I was using Paypal but everything went fine in the transaction process, but after it sent me back to my Spotify profile nothing has changed and it still said to updated my payment method. I checked my bank account and it was charged 3 times.

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Hi @Xm0s


If you pay for Premium but can't use your Premium features, try the following:

  • Log out and back into your account
    Occasionally this is necessary to force a sync of info between your device and our account system
  • Check that your Premium subscription isn’t on another account
    You might be logged into the wrong account. It's possible to create multiple Spotify accounts, each with their own login details, saved music, and subscription. 
    Check to see if you have any other accounts

Let me know how it goes!

Logging back in and out didn't solve my issue. Also I have only 1 account on each device so it can't be that I payed premium on another device. Money was taken from my bank account multiple times for the renewal of my spotify premium, but it didn't get renewed and I still get the message on all devices that I have to update my payment method if I wanna keep spotify premium. I was using paypal for the paying method. Could it be that the payment takes a bit of time at this time? I never had problems with paypal and renewing spotify premium. This is the first.

Hi @Xm0s


Thank you for giving it a try!


Since the payment went through and it's the right account, I'd recommend reaching out to Customer Support.

You can find the contact form on this page

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