If Spotify is now free, why am I being charged £9.99


If Spotify is now free, why am I being charged £9.99

I have just checked my PayPal account and have noticed £9.99 has been taken by Spotify. I have not been charged for the past couple of months and I assumed this was because Spotify is now free? I was informed of this by an ad on my laptop on Spotify. Can someone make this clear to me please?

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Did you ever subscribe to Spotify premium/unlimited? If you never canceled, that is why you are being charged. You can cancel with these steps, and if you want you can prevent anything from being charged to your paypal account with these steps, also remove your payment methods from your Spotify account. <Moderator Edit>


Hope this gets sorted for you! 🙂

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I subscribed but I cannot access the account thru password. I can access thru facebook but it says when i am in accounts and subscriptions that i have no premium account, no reciepts etc. So I dont think I have been given the permission to use the full spotify account. I would like a refund for the past 3 months please.

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Please I want to cancel all my pre autorize payment my name is Teresita pamintuan through my  pic MasterCard 5181 2719 ,2065 7902

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you shuld never post your credit card in this form i can see it as well everybody else can

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How can I keep premium Spotify without being automatically billed? How can I make manual payments each month without my card being set for auto?

Hello I've cancelled my subscription and was still charged on my card by spotify! Why?!! I don't appreciate that

yes I did get a free trial but I cancel before my charge and they charged me on my card not once but twice and I want my refund back in my card that's not right that you take money out of my card after I had cancelled please notify me at 361-429-6098 I'm not too familiar with getting a hold of you all with texting please I need my refund back that money is used for my pills that's a reason why I cancel


Hi Ng1984, it sounds like there's been some confusion here!


We launched a Free service on mobiles quite recently which is likely what you were told about in the advert you mentioned.


This Free service is ad-supported though, and doesn't have many of the features Premium subscribers get.


Currently you're still on our Premium service (£9.99 per month) but you can change this at any time here


Just bare in mind that if you revert to Free, you'll lose Offline Mode, the ability to select which tracks you want to listen to freely, and you'll hear advert breaks. 


If you have any questions, fire away 🙂


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I've been off Spotify premium for 2 months never got charged then this morning I got chargerd 10 dollars and I don't even have Spotify no more why am I being charged ?

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never accepted the premium package. I signed up for the summer 3 mos for 99 cents USD and . I dont use the app as much so I cancelled the supscription and I still get charged 9.99 USD every month and I continue to cancel. But it is still charging me and all the cancelling instructions provided are false.

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I had a similar problem. I thought I had cancelled my subscription but I still got charged. I am not happy about this.


I dont use spotify hant for months thought i was ony paying for one month and just noticed you have been charging my account for months please please cancel this and refund this  dorothyevangelist5@gmail.com

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How do you resolve the issue of being charged $9.99 when you cancelled the premium subscription months ago? Multiple emails have been sent addressing this issue but nothing is being done to resolve it


Yesterday (8-30-16) Spotify took $10 from my debit card even though I switched back to the free version of Spotify around the beggining of August. I have even double checked in my account on my laptop to see if the change was successful, and it currently says I am using the free version of Spotify. I had premium on my android device for 3 months before I cancelled my subscription (or I at least I believed I had.) I have only one Spotify account, and I use Spotify soley on my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. I just do not want this app taking anymore of my money unnecessarily, and if the case is that Spotify was taking my payment for an extra month of my using Premium without my knowing I would like to be informed so as I can prevent myself from making an further mistakes. Thank you.

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There doing the same to me I wish they had a number to contact

By clicking on : "Currently you're still on our Premium service (£9.99 per month) but you can change this at any time here" (the last word, "here", is a link) I am taken to the Subscription Page which ONLY allows paying for Premium. There is NO option for cancellation of subscription. This is the same, using Safari or Internet Explorer browsers. Please send a valid link for cancellation.

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I am getting charged from Spotify when I am a free user...i have noticed this because I went into my bank and I have seen that the last three months Spotify has charged me £9,99 but I am not a premium user, actually I tried to unsubscribe but it says Free User.
Can anybody help me with this? I do not know why I have been charged....and no notifications for this?

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Hey EduardoJT,


Please contact support via this link.  They will help to find the account which is charging you.


If you could provide the following details, then it would help speed up the process.


First 6 digits on payment card

Last 4 digits on payment card

How the charge shows on your statement (ie Ady*Spotify, Spotify USA)

The date of the last payment


That should be enough for the agent to run a basic search for the payments.  They may need to ask for further transaction details, but this will be explained.  Please post your case number in a reply to this thread and I will chase it up for you on Monday.

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Hi Calvin,
First thanks for the quick reply.
I send a question with all the info you asked for but they will reply to the hotmail account (ataqueguas@hotmail.com) which I cannot access anymore. I can only access the other e-mail I have provided. Could you please chase this for me?
Thanks for your support.

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Hey Eduardo,


I have replied to case 3245322 with a request for the transaction code.  I have found a matching account, but I need the BAAC to double-check my work.  If you could get that for us, we will be able to resolve this issue for you.


I also cancelled my Spotify Premium Subscription but I am still charged $9.99/month. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have been using the free version of Spotify and I am still charged $9.99/month. Can you please help and resolve this matter. Thanks.