Inactivity , Premium subscription


Inactivity , Premium subscription






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I would like to download music and keep them in my devices, but I work in an area 6 months a year where spotify is not available. So I will seem inactive during the time I am away. Will Spotify freeze my account thinking I am inactive? Thank you. 

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Hey @pampampam07,


Thanks for reaching out.


Premium subscribers must go online with Spotify at least once every 30 days. This is so Spotify can check your subscription is still active and count track plays to compensate artists.


If you don’t go online with Spotify at least once every 30 days, any tracks you’ve downloaded for offline listening are automatically removed from your device.


Lastly, Spotify won't 'freeze' your entire account/subscription when you're not using it, as long as the payment method is valid.


Hope this helps :)

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