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[India] Issue paying for monthly Premium for Students


[India] Issue paying for monthly Premium for Students

Hey folks,


We have received reports from users in India who are trying to pay for a monthly Premium for Students subscription using a recurring payment method, but are receiving an error when trying to carry out the payment (see screenshot below).

Check out the status of the Ongoing Issue below for further instructions.


Also don't forget to click +VOTE if you are experiencing this issue.






45 Replies

Well @sayan313,


If you only have one account and it shows as Free, I'm pretty sure the charge will be soon reimbursed. 


Meanwhile you can try again, this time using different browsers in your computer. Don't forget to clear cache/cookies before you do it.

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Dear team, 

May I know if there is any progress, if at all? It's been more than a couple of weeks and I/others am/are not sure how long it's going to take to have this resolved. At the moment, I have paused my renewal. 

It's frustrating for me too...seriously, I'm thinking of switching to other services because I don't know how long should I wait. The absence of various artists is annoying too. I can't even listen to The Smiths....You gotta fix these things guys. The main attraction of Spotify is the larger global artists & we don't get that in India.

I got the same error with a reason that my debit card doesn't support subscription payments (the ones that get deducted automatically every month) thus meaning that I'll have to enter my details every month, use my pin and otp to activate my payment, I think the same case was with you. Spotify doesn't hold your payment, if it showed you a payment failure and the money has been deducted, it's probably been reverted. However, the money being creditted in your bank depends solely on your bank. I got my 59 Rupees within a week. Be patient, and put up for the monthly package of Rs. 66 or try a different method.

Hey, @Peter the amount was credited back to my accounts a while ago. But i'm still not sure if i should opt for the 59/month subscrption pack. However, i did get the spotify premium from another account for Rs.66 from PayTm. But this is getting very frustrating to perform the same task over and over again every month.


Plan: Spotify Free

Country: India

Recurring Payment Method (trying for): SBI Global (VISA)

Under: Spotify Student Discount


Hey @Peter, I followed along the issue from pages to pages but nowhere did I found the solution. I feels like, from India, it's not possible to get any card that supports monthly billing. The Rs. 59/m charge is given only for students and I feel like, as a student myself, it's very difficult for us to roam about from one bank to another every now and then just to check if it supports recurring billing. I searched Google for banks in India that supports monthly billing but I came up with nothing. If any bank supports monthly billing, could you let us know?


Instead, if we can pay via much easier and handy solutions like PayTM, BHIM UPI, the issue gets fixed then and there.


Please resolve this issue as soon as possible. I want Spotify Premium so badly! Even if I'm eligible for student discount, I feel like I can't avail it.


Many thanks for reading upto this,

Great day 🙂


Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community to report the payment issues you're experiencing.


Even if you are able to pay for other monthly subscriptions using a debit card, this does not guarantee that you will be able to do so with Spotify.


We suggest you reach out to your individual banks regarding Spotify payments.



I have had the same issue, I am not opting for a student plan. i am opting for a 'Free Trail', when I add my debit card info, i get the same exact error. If so many people seem to be having an issue with using a debit cards, specially when its across different banks, I honestly feel the issue is on your side. As said by many, I too use my debit card for other music services where I pay monthly/yearly and have never had an issue, well, until today with Spotify. Please look into this and fix it. Majority of the users use debit card for transactions, even paying for services. By not fixing this you may lose many potential paid subscriptions because of this.

This is not the solution. Not sure why it's marked as such. 

That is because they felt it's not worth their efforts pursuing it further.

This is a solution??? Are you kidding me??  I have confirmed with my bank and they says it's okay here, I should ask spotify. And you guys are saying ask your bank. Lol

Recurring Payment Method: Debit card (SBI VISA)
Country Spotify is set to: India

Hi Peter, 


I am experiencing the same issues as other have mentioned with respect to

getting premium plan with my HDFC debit card.

But when I used the same debit card with Spotify prepaid, it worked.

I should have gotten 3 months premium free first then paid service. 

But I guess I will have to go through this route as you guys are not solving this issue.

Hope it helps you debug what is going on.

Subsciption:- student premium 59/ per month
From :- India
Payment method:- axis bank visa platinum secure+ debit card

I am facing the issue i hade done it through pnb master card also but still the same issue

Monthly billing works just fine in Apple music and Netflix, it's only Spotify which has the problem. And this problem has existed since more than a year.


It's clear Spotify doesn't want my money so I guess I should just sail the high seas now lol.

Cards dont seem to be working for many folks in India. There seems to be a gateway problem



Since you are not ready to solve this problem and insist on all of us to talk to our banks to solve a problem which is only occurring in case of Spotify, I guess you mean that there is no point in hoping any improvement from your side.


If any time you feel that a number of subscribers can help your business, try doing what Apple Music and Netflix does so that we are actually able to pay them.



Only if they care enough!!

If have found solution for this problem that can help all.


To pay for spotify premium your card needs to have "International Recurring Payment option"

The only bank's debit card which allow such payments are ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Citibank and Canara Bank.

Sadly only debit cards of above 4 banks have "International Recurring Payment"

You do not face this problem other platforms like Netflix, itunes because they have an Indian Payment Gateway while spotify currently do not have a Indian Payment Gateway.

PS: You won't find any problem with credit cards.

I first tried to upgrade to premium with my classic sbi MasterCard. It didn't work. Just because of Spotify I ordered another gold sbi MasterCard so that I can do international payments. Even after that, the issue is the same.
I loved Spotify and I had made a lot of awesome playlists here. But, I have no choice rather than stop using Spotify and find some other app until the issue gets fixed. I can't bear that man saying "You know the funniest thing happened last night?".

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