Kazakhstan prices

Kazakhstan prices


Prices in Kazakhstan is too high for most residents.
I won't compare prices in Russia and Kazakhstan, no. I just want to compare prices of similar services.

Spotify: $4.99 (~2106 tenge) per month (first month is free for new users)

iTunes: 999 tenge (~$2.37) per month (first SIX month is free)

Yandex Music: 849 tenge (~$2.01) per month (first month is free).


So it's clearly that Spotify Premium prices is much higher.

And beside this we should remember about average salary in Kazakhstan. I don't think it's allow to choose expensive music streaming service. And it's sad, because all of us want to use better service, like Spotify but we can't afford it.

Hope things will change, and you, Spotify, will rearrange prices policy for countries like Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan or other country where people are not so rich...

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The price for Premium overall and the variations across regions and is based on a variety of reasons. These can be differences in licensing agreements or other factors that allow Spotify to come to a given country in the first place and can be quite different from one region to another. Spotify always will strive to offer Premium at a competitive price and will continue to do so. Be on the lookout for special offers in your region and even if not using Premium, Spotify bringing the music catalogue to people in new places across the world will help everyone discover new tunes and improve their music listening experience.


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