Levels of subscription


Levels of subscription


why in this day and age are there only 2 subscrption levels and 2 prices (free and £9.99 (UK)) - Premium gives the subscriber so much some of which they may not want. The point of streaming is that you don’t have to store music on your device - i for one would buy an intermediate subscription of, say £4.99 per month just to give me streaming without ads and unlimited music storage online - I don’t want to download music and pay for something i’m not going to use  - thoughts ?



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right now there is no cheaper plan. you can maybe become student at university to get spotify student discount? premium then only cost half of price!!




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Hey @Mikeingram38a,


To add to what @Harneet said, there's also Premium for Family where you can have up to 6 separate Premium accounts for the price of two. Read more here about Premium for Family, and here for the Student Discount if you're studying. 


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