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Plan : Premium

Country: Singapore

Device: Window 10


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My MCO VISA does not accept. I have contact MCO VISA and they confirm my card is working. Also, it is success validate by Google Pay.  

So, i am not sure what wrong with it. Hope the customer service team can contact me to solve the issues.

I have trying few set of bank credit card. and finally, standard charter bank card is accept. But i would like to use the MCO VISA to make the payment as they give me 100% cash rebate. if unable to do it, i will need to cancel the subscription. 

Hope i can see the solution before cancel the subscription

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Hi there @Jimmy00,

thanks for reaching out about this !


Based on my own knowledge and since the card is mainly created as a crypto-currency management tool, it's possible that the card which will make it difficult for to verify its information (e.g. country and other user-related info) and, therefore also accepting it as a valid payment method.


Verification measures are different for every service, and this would explain how the card might work with integrating with other companies.


If you still wish using this card, you can always try these payment trouble-shooting steps to see if they do the trick.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if there's anything else i can help you with ๐Ÿ™‚

same problem here. Spotify didn't accept my SC card though. But yeah, sucks if they are not accepting MCO card for payment.. defeats the purpose of the 100% rebate.

From officer replied, they mention because our card be block by their payment system. It is the reason we cannot make payment. We can wait few week just try again the card. Also, they cannot unblock your card. So anything just wait. Just use the free service. They not like us to paid subscription. 

yeah, that's unfortunate.
don't mind getting reminders in between songs to wash my hand though!

I have the same problem too. Got the reply from help Center to ignore the error message and keep trying to update. Basically continue to click the button to update the MCO card.

After tried for maybe 70-80 times by clicking the update button. Finally it accepted. And all good to go. 

Crazy... I've got better things to do than to click that button...
Well, 3 months free! Can't complain

Switch to Internet Explorer to sign up and make payment for the premium account. Works for me.

After putting some money on my creditcard and I enabled International Usage on my Spotify did accept the card!

where are you from?



2022 and still facing the same problem. Haiz.

I am in Singapore, my card is in SGD and I am trying to buy Singapore Spotify Premium. Still fail 

2022 and still fail for me

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