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Me cobran doble cada mes pago vía Banorte!

Me cobran doble cada mes pago vía Banorte!


Plan Premium familiar

Country: México

LLevo varios meses en que me cobran dos veces el servicio, con diferencia de 2 minutos... no es por dar clics de mas, ni siquiera entro a la aplicacion para pagar... se supone que es automatico.  Parece que es muy comun... como evitar esto? o mejor aun... Como hago para quejarme?


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Hey @Nebrag.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community. We hope you don't mind us helping you in English, since this is the official Community language 🙂


Don't worry - sometimes it can appear as a double charge, when in fact you have only been charged once. Have you checked what amount is being taken from your account (single or double)? That should give you an indication of whether you are being double charged or not.


Let us know if you need any help with anything - we'll be right here!

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