Mobile Credit Subscription (Philippines)

Mobile Credit Subscription (Philippines)

Hello! I'm trying to subscribe to Spotify Premium via "Pay by Mobile" using the Globe service but everytime I tap "Subscribe" after entering my details, it displays "Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again or contact our support team." I've been trying this for hours, and as of this writing I have not found a solution online. Switching to incognito or to a different device and clearing my browser's cache does not resolve it. I am able to get the PIN from the text message after clicking "Subscribe", however the only issue is that the Spotify website does not advance to the next page where you enter the PIN to confirm the payment. Instead it displays the red-colored "Oops..." error. Any help regarding this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi there @Nebrium,

thanks for reaching out !


They should be able to subscribe to Premium via Telco. 

As Telco should work as a payment method, i recommend you try the process using another network.


If the issue persists, please wait a bit and to try again after a few days as there might be a small issue time can solve.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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